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무료 VPN 제발 쓰지마세요. FBI Warning 보려다가 큰일나요...

왜 이렇게 무료 VPN쓰지 말라고할까요? 무료인데... 이걸 쓰지 않으면 나는 FBI Warning을 볼 수 없는데!!!
그래도 쓰지마세요!!!

* 다른 내용이 있다면 알려주세요.

구독과 좋아요는 정말 큰 힘이 됩니다.
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Through My Eyes (Instrumental) by Mike Leite
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
Free Download / Stream:
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앙마 : 맘편하게 써요 이미 정보 다 나감
카러플 : 똑똑한척 ㅅㅂㅈㄴ 하네 ㅉㅉ
갈이 : 니 피셜 잘 들었고요ㅋㅋ유료회원 호객할려고 무료VPN 운용하는 곳도 많음ㅋㅋㅋ
야시로네네 : 이제털릴것도없어~~~~
소연 : 걔네는 광고로 돈벌지않음? 항상 연결할 때 연결 끊을 때 앱 하단에 광고뜨던데
이월이 : 걱정마로 쓰세요.
짜피 님들 개인정보 알아봤자 쓸때도 없어요...
그리고 이미 스마트 기기 사용용하는 사람 대부분은 개인정도 다 털렸어요 ㅋ
さとかずま : 아니 VPN은 그냥 서버 우회하는거에 불가함 속이는것도 아니고 걍 이 사이트를 들어갈때 막혀있지않은 나라의 걸로 들어가는거임 VPN을 깔게되면 개인정보가 나갈수있음 VPN을키고 구글 들어가면 구글 계정이있으니, 그래서 시크릿모드키고 ㄱㄱVPN에서는 개인정보 유출방지 기능이 있음 빼가서 파는게 아니라 지켜주는것 수익은 광고를통해서
특정 업체에서 스폰등을 통해

결론:시크릿모드 키고 보면 된다.
yun gun : 교육부 뚫는데 썻는데 이제 잡혀가겠네요...

큰일 났다 저승사자랑 하이파이브 하는거라고 말해야되나?
Sake 엄 : 시발
Who? Hong : 형님 공기계는........


Like many other people - we also have too many tomatoes! Here's what we do with them.

Tomato sauce video:
Andrew : I tried to skim over the comments, so I hope I am not repeating anyone. Have you thought about pickling green tomatoes? This, of course, assume people will like them.
fay000 : Love your channel and just sub’d. Have you thought of a solar dehydrator for your excess? You can make them yourself. Lots of great info and from someone who lives in my home state! Keep up the good work!
Subscribe to this channel : It’s my dream in live in Tasmania
Ruby Gray : I failed with tomatoes yet again this year. The summer frosts began on January 30th here, and there have been many since then. I think this morning's was the worst, and "summer" only finished 3 weeks ago!
Chuck Wright : The only time that I have ever had too many tomatoes, I really had too few canning jars. 29 plants in the garden already here in south Texas US. Nice videos. Keep up the great work.
Alison Kinlough : you can get solar driers that may work for you
DJJonPattrsn22 : Nice video! Looks like a lovely, beautiful life you've got there! :)
How about continuing to slowly cook off some more moisture after pureeing? Over low, slow heat... you would concentrate & intensify the flavor and thicken your product (with or without your guar gum). You wouldn't need to take it all the way to "paste", plus that requires some special filtering. But I think you may find that much more "usable". Who knows?!
Enjoyed this very much! Thank you
Brew City Gardener : I process my tomatoes in a food mill and make between 5 and 10 gallons ( 19 - 38 liters ) of tomato base sauce per year. I usually reduce the sauce by half and freeze or can the product. I can then turn into pasta sauces, catsup, juice or whatever with further processing when I'm ready. With a large family, we will consume it all in about 6 months and we miss it dearly when it's gone. Yes, it's a huge pain to process but the quality is absolutely worth the effort.
incer3 : whack em on Gumtree
Helen Sarkisian : Tomato paste - you’ll need the proper strainer, but it would help balance the product that’s too thin.

[Tomato] Beware

Tomato plays Beware!\r
Air Date.........................➤July 31 2020\r
Tomato's Youtube......,..➤\r
Tomato's Twitch...........➤\r
Tomato's Twitter...........➤\r
VODS Managed by BrettUltimus ➤\r
#tomato #tomatogaming
Gamingturtle The First : *SMILE*?
BizKwikTwist : This game actually makes me feel dread just from watching.
Sl4yerkid : what a shit game lol what, looked cool, but no objective, and the ai gets a handicap
IT’S ALL OGRE NOW : Hopefully they do something actually creative with the ending instead of just “you die” when it releases
The Cheese : Somehow in this game the headlights make you see less
SahiPie : Holy shit, I haven’t seen this since I think nova played it years ago
slimeyeyeballs : 15:40, tomato just wants to play my summer car again lol
Zaser Zastero : When she accidently says "I'm alone at home" in the group chat
Thigikna : where's dead end road??
Michael Skocich : tomato "death is subjective" gaming




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