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City Hall lvl 30!? What is next after Feudal Age? TIER 6 | Rise of Kingdoms

We saw an image of lvl 30 headquarter in the apple store, is it new or is it old? its an interesting topic. We know eventually RoK will be updating our buildings is lvl 30 on its way for our CH ? and Are we soon to see more things to research in our academy and will there be tier 6 ? and more dispatch and troops as we send commanders out with ch 30?

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ibrahim : I am waiting for your videos about the next update , it is just amazing for me the only thing that i would like to be changed is the new material box that need new keys i wish thy just aded material to our silver and gold keys instead , i cant wait to hear your thought about the update .
Ps i know its hard to be a ROK youtuber , yes there are hundred of thousands playing it but over time you may find yourself repeating the old content, i dont mean anything bad your content is dam good i really enjoy every time of it , your gameplay , tips , sometimes your amazing intros , and especially your character, i really think you deserve much much better than this , and i was really happy when you immigrated because i could see what is going on with you and your alliance in live streams they weren’t big , but tiny stuff could combine, finally i am sorry for the long speech , it is hard for to keep up with all comments but i wish you could see this and know we do know who u are and what have you don in the past journey, love from palestine ❤️
Kizz Jus : Bad idea to have ch30 man you as a content creators should suggest to the developers were they need to focus on reduce the lagging that more important how can they take money from the players but the players can't even play because of the lag its stupid
Kizz Jus : Lagging game ever that's why I quit playing this game no enjoyable,unplayable just to lag
Kizz Jus : People's are stupid enough to play this game because the developer don't care about the players experience they just thinking money what i said about gaming experience is the first problem in this game is lagging. This game is just unplayable during lost kingdom during war its just to lag so stupid for spending money on the game that you can't even enjoyed
Harry Duggal : it's not possible for them, because rok is copy of Clash of King's technology and play style and clash of King's is very old, still have t5 only.
Adrian Lapitan : A gunpowder age? How can we free to play fight an army who have guns im gonna quit
Ir1w Xbox : I’m at tier 4 and if tier six come out it will be the death of my account I get wrecked by t5 enough
swissplayz : but they also said they do some events ore a building like courier store/vip store to exchange worthless Building/technology Speed ups. They also said there will be an event to exchange books and arrows why they should drop these events if they release ch30 and tier6?
Michael Mancuso : Any kingdoms with a alliance that’s active?All the ones in mine never fucking talk
Xavier S : Im pretty certain level 30 would kill the game. Its already unbalanced from a f2p standpoint.

Schooled Ch30

Aaliyah Lockley : Thank you!❤️
Pistachio_ Icecream277 : I had to listen t this in school, at the end of the chapter. I shipped Hugh and Zack, I am currently writing a fanfiction of it. Edit: Yes it's gay!
Lori Burks : you gave me an A+
Kaydence Guerrero : hi like the book
Liam Rubio : Everybody talking bout a summer packet

I had to do obe to
Lightlytoastedtoast : "He was almost my dweeb now" OMG THAT SOUNDS SO GAY (not in a bad way, I love gay things)
Caroline Talley : Thank u so much bc I have to read this book for a summer project for school!!!
Classical Lucy : in my school we have to read a book then take a quiz, but i had one day left to finish it and YOU SAVED ME
just wait : I'm reading this as a school book reading with the class and she stops every 2 chapters so I really wanted to know what happened so thanks for this
Joseph M : You saved my grade

ศาลล้มละลาย สั่งฟื้นฟูกิจการการบินไทย | ฟังหูไว้หู (14 ก.ย. 63)

ฟังหูไว้หู ทุกวันจันทร์-ศุกร์ เวลา 21.00 น.
ทางช่อง 9 MCOT HD หมายเลข 30
Siriphichai Rawang : ขอเสนอตัวเป็น ผจก. ใหญ่ อยากรวยๆๆๆๆ
Somject Sukwattanaporn : ยากตราบใดที่รัฐยังเข้ามาบริหารต้องเป็นของเอกชนจึงจะรอด
POLESHIFT & NIBIRU : บินสัปดาห์ละเที่ยวบิน108ลำบินจริง60ลำพนักงานไม่ลดท่านคิดว่ารอดใหมทุกประเทศโควิดจะบินไปใหนรัฐอุ้มไม่ไหว
Lite Lite : ตลก เงินส่วนรวม แต่โกงส่วนตัว
จะดำเนินการต่อ ไม่มีคนผิด
Artsuji GD : ล้มละลายแล้วกลับมาแดกต่อ ภาษีคนไทยทั้งนั้น บอร์ดแม่งรวยเละ 5555555
Pon Dejtrakul : ก่อนจะลดหนี้ให้ เจ้าหนี้ต้องให้ลดทุนเป็นศูนย์ แล้วค่อยแปลงหนี้เป็นทุน หุ้นมันไม่ควรมีค่าแล้ว ยังปล่อยให้เทรด ก.ล.ต.กับ ตลท มีไว้ทำอะไร
ภุชา พลญาน : ไม่อยากพูดอะไร แต่รู้ว่า ศาลพลาดแล้ว ที่ไม่ลากคนทุจริตมาลงโทษก่อนพื้นฟู
amoxintubeu : ประกาศปุ๊บกลับมาซื้อขายในตลาดหลักทรัพย์ได้เลย รายได้ไม่มีหนี้สินท่วมตัวแบบต้องขายบริษัททิ้ง ยังสามารถกลับมาเข้าซื้อขายในตลาดหลักทรัพย์ได้ ธรรมมาภิบาลมีกันบ้างหรือป่าว มรึงบ้าหรือป่าววะ จะหลอกลวงจะดึงดันกันไปถึงไหน




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